The Vege Chip Co. is proud to officially partner with its Gold Coast neighbours, and critical community service, Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Did you know that the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital has experienced a 20 per cent increase in animal patient admissions around bushfire zones?

In fact, 2020 saw almost 13,800 animals – including over 600 koalas – come through the hospital. It’s now the busiest wildlife hospital in the country.

As an environmentally-friendly and community-minded company, Vege Chips is not only providing financial support as a company but also calling on our customers to help the facility directly.

Keep an eye out for changes to our multipacks, with new packaging set to hit shelves over the coming weeks. This will include a QR code with a direct link to donate, as well as the opportunity to name baby animal patients from Currumbin Wildlife Hospital on a quarterly basis.

We estimate that if just one in five of our customers donated a gold coin equivalent, together we can raise more than $235,000 in critical funds over just 12 months. Together, we can make a serious difference to this vital operation.

Happy snacking, and happy saving our precious native wildlife.