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Fan Appreciation:

Guitly for Vege Chips - BBQ

“Awesome healthy chips. I used to eat Smith's chips until I got offered some of these chips by a friend. The Natural and Salt & Vinegar are my favourite. And my partner enjoys the BBQ and Chicken.”

Suzanna from Perth

Guitly for Vege Chips - BBQ

"I love eating AJITAS VEGE CHIPS especially the chicken flavour! They are so tasty, light and flavoursome. The tastiest chips I've had in a long time and also my new favourite. For someone who is gluten and lactose intolerant, it's an absolute blessing to be able to snack on such chips without having to worry about any nasty side effects :) and to have such a great product readily available on the shelves at our local supermarkets :) Thanking you isn't enough but thank-you from the bottom of my heart for taking out and dedicating your time to create a product that I am able to eat and enjoy every time. I am so so grateful, thankful and lucky for your company. It's truly a godsend to be able to eat these chips. Thank-you so much!! :) God bless :)"


Guitly for Vege Chips - BBQ

"I love AJITAS VEGE CHIPS mainly the BBQ. Its one of the few things I am able to get to myself but my two little children do steal them off me because they are so nice. I'm GUILTY FOR VEGE CHIPS great work!"


Love the assorted 12 pack

"I am your newest fan because my kids love your veggie chips especially the little packets from the 12 pack that I put in their lunch boxes. Dont stop making them! thanks. Anne."


Can't live without them......

"Just love my veggie crisps every day. Usually buy the 12 pack and have 2 at a time. Please can I request you include Salt & Vinegar crisps into the multi packs.......pls pls pls. Keep up the great work, it's so nice to have a healthy alternative to the normal range of snacks."



"II really really like your delicrisps especially the herb and garlic flavour. Out of all the deli style chips in the supermarkets I much prefer yours. +1 from me."

Yali, Qld

Natural Vegiechips

"call me boorish but I find your natural vegiechips are sublime with guacamole and salsa dips so don't stop selling them pleeease!"

Paddy R.

I am absolutely in love with these vege crisps!!!

"I'm sure that a few years back I purchased a 100g packet of French Onion Vege Crisps or I've just gone insane, if not please bring them back?! A wider variety of flavours would be nice :) "


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