The Vege Chip Co

The Vege Chip Co

The Vege Chip Company is the market leader in producing Gluten Free chips Australia wide. We pride ourselves on providing ‘tasty better for you’ products that are made with Natural Ingredients and are free from any additives with No Hidden Nasties.

The factory is an exclusively gluten free facility and our products are free from nuts, eggs, soy, petrochemicals, MSG, flavor enhancers, artificial colors, artificial preservatives. Strict quality and food safety procedures are in place to ensure you get the best tasting chips on the planet.

The Vege Chip Company is also Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

Our Story:

The Vege Chip brand started it’s amazing journey to success over 25 years ago, debuting as a "healthy alternative" snack and was sold at the local Gold Coast & Byron Bay markets, eventually culminating in Australia wide distribution to all major supermarkets in Australia. We also distribute internationally. Today the Vege Chip Company has become a household name for healthy snacks. We have been a trusted Australian healthy snack food company since 1990.

In 1990 our original line of Vege Chip snacks were produced out of a small commercial kitchen and were very well received by our first customers, who fast became fans of our tasty snacks which helped The Vege Chip Company expand into a fully-fledged national snack brand. In 2001 our brand new snack factory was opened at Currumbin on the Gold Coast with all the modern machinery needed to accurately produce carton after carton of tasty snacks.

Making Vege chips and coming up new and innovative healthy products for you is a way of life for us and our dedicated team, not just a business. We believe it, we live it and we deliver it!

Thank you for your ongoing snacking and support of our company.

Happy snacking!

The Vege Chip Co

Australian Snack Brand

100% Australian Owned

We are proudly 100% Australian owned company that has been employing local Aussies since 1990. We welcome all types of people and their beliefs, we stand against intolerance and racism, and we promote "fair dink-um" Aussie values.

Our newly expanded facility is situated on the beautiful Gold coast at Currumbin. We are located just 5 minutes away from Currumbin's pristine beaches. Contact Details Page


The vege chip MISSION


We pride ourselves on not using any nasty additives like MSG, artificial preservatives and colours, and questionable GMO ingredients. At the Vege chip company we also have a policy of no numbers on the back of our packs, and no ingredients that you can't pronounce!



The Vege Chip Company has always produced lower fat snacks that actually taste great. We owe this result thanks to a secret recipe of ingredients and sunflower oil which is naturally lower in saturated fat. And the unique technology we use to make our snacks.

Sunflower Oil


We are a collection of people from many walks of life who are committed to 'helping out in the community'. We understand the importance of environmental and social sustainability and have a commitment to be a benefit to the Gold Coast community