The Vege Chip Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, visitors and contractors.

The company also recognises the responsibilities and requirements placed upon it by Occupational Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice and will adhere to these principles, and provide:

  1. Safe systems of work and maintenance of company plant and equipment.
  2. Information, instruction and supervision for all employees, visitors and contractors relevant to the OHS Systems and procedures of the site.
  3. Consultation with all employees on OHS issues, including any changes to work practices, procedures or before the introduction of new plant and equipment.
  4. Ongoing programs to prevent accidents, including coordinating regular workplace inspections in conjunction with employees.

Managers and supervisors will fully implement the company safety programs and are responsible for ensuring a safe work environment is provided for all employees under their direct control. Managers and supervisors are also responsible for promptly acting on any OHS concerns or issues they become aware of.

Employees are expected to fulfill their obligations with respect to OHS legislation by fully participating in company safety programs, reporting injuries and incidents and following all safety directions, regulations and procedures.

Every employee, regardless of their position, has the authority to take action to reduce the immediate risk of injury or illness in their work area.

Owen Cooley
General Manager
Date 23-1-2012